Adient’s mission is the development of absorbable medical devices with the premise that implants should be safe and efficacious during their useful lifetime, and then simply vanish without intervention, alleviating costly removal procedures and downstream complications. The company is collaborating with the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, leading the development of a totally absorbable vascular filter for the prevention of pulmonary embolisms, the nation’s 3rd largest killer claiming the lives of thousands of Americans each year. www.adientmedical.com


AssetNation, Inc. offers online auction marketplaces and solutions for surplus, end of life, and salvage assets, and equipment. AssetNation brings active buyers in more than 100 countries to its network marketplace. www.salvagesale.com

Attaq Online

Attaq Online is an online competition site, that provides meaningful play and rewards to players of all skill levels. Whether you are a top rated player dedicating hours to gaming daily or a weekend warrior looking to test yourself on your days off, their platform will allow you to earn rewards for gaming in a new and innovative way.www.attaqonline.com


BizSupplies has created a unique technology platform and business model that exploits the supply chain of the multi-billion office products industry. BizSupplies leverages technology, domain expertise and the brands of established companies to effectively target several segments of the office supplies industry.www.businesssupplycompany.com


Capsenta increases the value of companies’ data by enriching it to become a knowledge graph (ie. Semantics). Semantics improve search, analysis, and interpretation. The Company’s patented technology is the only complete turnkey solution to making existing SQL upwardly compatible with semantics. By enriching data with semantics, Capsenta is able to accelerate the provisioning process from months to days. Its technology starts with standards compliance and is able to integrate the result with any existing database infrastructure. Thus, Capsenta customers benefit from the power of semantics from day one, and with low risk. The company serves healthcare, non-profit, energy, utilities, medical device identification, legal, and transportation sectors. capsenta.com

Deep Imaging

Deep Imaging Technologies is a cutting-edge subsurface imaging company founded on strong oil and gas experience. Using new developments in electromagnetic technologies, Deep Imaging’s goal is to greatly improve the ability to detect onshore geological features of potential value. The Company’s pinpoint imaging technology is designed to help make discoveries, reduce dry-hole risk, limit environmental impact and increase onsite efficiencies—all for a greater return on investment. The result is its breakthrough enhanced electromagnetic system known as eEM™ www.deepimaging.com

Digerati Technologies

Digerati Technologies is a premier global provider of cloud communications services which include hosted storage, virtual office and VoIP services. Digerati Technologies processes voice communication traffic between the United States and rapidly expanding markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.www.digerati-inc.com

Digital Retail Apps

Digital Retail Apps is the developer of in-store mobile shopping and payment apps, including SelfPay, which is essentially an “app to bypass the check-out line”. The system works with most cloud-based POS systems, payment methods, devices and payment processors. It is a multi-retailer solution that gives shoppers the ability to shop and pay from anywhere in a brick and mortar store on their own mobile device. Shoppers scan and add items to their cart; view product details and pay without ever having to stand in line to pay. www.digitalretailapps.com


DNAtrix is a clinical stage, biotechnology company developing virus-driven immunotherapies for cancer. The company’s initial focus is on glioblastoma, a devastating brain tumor that is resistant to conventional therapies. DNAtrix’s lead product, DNX-2401, is a modified common cold virus that targets and kills cancer cells selectively. DNX-2401 is the culmination of more than a decade of scientific and clinical research and is the most potent and effective oncolytic virus delivered to human brain tumors to date. DNAtrix is also working to expand its platform technology for treating other cancers, with high unmet medical need. www.dnatrix.com

ECOM Medical, Inc.

ECOM® Medical, Inc., has created an Endotracheal Cardiac Output Monitoring system, which is a medical device for use on intubated patients, and allows the clinician to manage the patient using information derived from a core monitoring location in close proximity to the ascending aorta. ECOM® is straightforward to operate and gives real-time information for patient hemodynamic optimization. The system is automatic and self-adjusting for positional changes allowing the clinician to focus on the patient instead of the device. ECOM® provides the cardiac output, stroke volume variation and systemic vascular resistance to be used as part of Goal Directed Therapy protocols. www.ecommedical.com


Granada Corporation is the leading outsourced provider of customer support services targeting the growing Hispanic marketplace. Estimated at more than $8 billion annually (and growing at 10%), this segment is one of the most attractive trends and market opportunities within the outsourced/ cloud services segment. The Hispanic population, now estimated at 50 million in the US, is expected to contribute to an increasingly higher percentage of purchasing power over the next 2 decades. As such, Granada typically works with Fortune 500 companies for outsourced acquisition, customer support and retention services.www.granadacorporation.com


HUVR Data is a services company that provides aerial imaging and analysis for precision agriculture and industrial inspection. HUVR’s goal is to provide information that results in substantially lower costs, increased yields and higher profits for their clients. HUVR imaging solutions are made possible through advances in GPS-based avionics, drone technology and light weight, low power image capture technology, as well as infrared, thermal, and multi-spectral imaging. www.huvrdata.com

Infrastructure Networks

Infrastructure Networks provides broadband wireless and carrier Ethernet services supporting SCADA, mobile data, video and voice applications exclusively to Critical Infrastructure entities, including those involved in the exploration, production and delivery of oil and natural gas. www.inetlte.com


Leapfin has designed a platform to specifically streamline data import process and consolidate billing, invoice, revenue, CRM, and financial data from multiple sources in real time. The aggregation, cleansing, and modeling of data are both too error prone and manual, but yet they are the prerequisite for any value added strategic work. The platform saves time and eliminates manual “plumbing” of data or the operational aspects of finance (FinOps). leapfin.com

myLAB Box

myLAB Box is a first-of-its-kind service that delivers affordable STD screening solutions to a customer’s doorstep. Working with some of the top experts in the U.S., myLAB designed a program that allows customers to skip the complications and bring the lab home. Each test can be completed in less than 5 minutes at home with no need to see a health care professional. myLAB’s HIPAA data storage system also means records are safe and secure and can be accessed at any time and even shared with potential partners. www.mylabbox.com


NextSeed is a crowdfunding marketplace for companies to list, discover and lend to local businesses. NextSeed, one of the first platforms approved by regulators, has a team of professionals and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in business, finance, law and technology working to empower small businesses and everyday investors by making it easy for investors to earn attractive returns by investing in businesses. www.nextseed.com

Pillar Procedure

The Pillar® Procedure is quite simply the best, minimally-invasive treatment to eliminate snoring. It is safe, effective, and in many cases, it also helps people suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The Pillar Procedure stiffens the soft palate, which is believed to be a significant contributor for at least 80% of people who can't stop snoring. The procedure can be performed in about 20 minutes, using only local anesthetic, so that patients can quickly continue their daily routine with much better sleep.www.pillarprocedure.com

Pop Labs

Pop Labs is a search engine marketing and social media agency. Pop Lab’s experienced marketing and web professionals work with their clients to leverage the benefits of search marketing, social media, e-mail marketing and other online marketing efforts. This integrated approach helps to build client brand and sales volume. www.poplabs.com


Procyrion’s minimally invasive treatment provides cardiologists with a treatment for the two million heart failure patients who are too sick for medication. Procyrion’s device is the first catheter-deployed, long-term treatment option designed to reduce the workload of the heart, providing an opportunity for the heart to rest and heal. Procyrion's device dramatically reduces the risks associated with circulatory support devices and will, for the first time, enable treatment of younger and healthier patients before years of progressive damage occur.www.procyrion.com


RentPayment is a payment processing platform designed specifically for collecting rent on properties and housing. RentPayment enables tenants to pay rent to landlords and property owners via credit card, debit card, e-check, phone or text message. www.rentpayment.com


Saranas is a medical device company focused on improving patient outcomes through early detection of internal bleeding complications. Each year, over 20 million patients in the US require access to a blood vessel for surgical and non-surgical procedures known as vascular access procedures. Approximately 1 million of these patients experience a severe bleeding complication, resulting in significant additional healthcare expenditures and placing the patient at an increased risk of death. The company’s patented technology allows for the rapid detection of these complications and enables physicians to mitigate the downstream consequences by addressing the complication immediately using accepted, straightforward adjustments to the procedure. saranas.com

Slash Arrows

Slash Arrows has developed an innovative hunting arrow. The unique patented feature of the arrow is the INsetBlade ™ technology that includes two blades which are inserted in the arrow shaft, which are deployed after penetration. The arrow has won numerous awards and competitions. The blades in the shaft are deployed after penetration, rather than on impact. As a result, most of the kinetic energy is absorbed after penetration. slasharrows.com

The Snoring Center

The Snoring Center is the leading provider of minimally invasive, office based treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. The Snoring Center is expanding nationally and offers technology and treatment options including: The Pillar Procedure, Laser Tonsillectomy, Coblation of the Turbinates and Soft Palate as well as others.www.snoringcenter.com

VA-Gov Housing

VA-Gov Housing is a leader in the specialty finance and mortgage business for the non-owner-occupied real estate industry. The Company provides loans, mortgages and guarantees to builders, developers, investors, and non-profit concerns who have competitive real estate projects for the housing industry. The Company has also developed a niche in serving non-profit companies that have certain certifications to purchase government and bank REO properties at discounts.


Yapstone is the largest electronic payments processor in multiple industry verticals, serving thousands of property managers, churches, home owner associations, etc., representing over 3 million units nationwide. Trusted with billions of dollars in annual transactions, RentPayment is the preferred partner to thousands of vacation and property management companies nationwide.www.yapstone.com