Our Philosophy

Our investment approach is to identify emerging trends within business and consumer services, communications, energy, Internet, media and software sectors prior to recognition by the broader marketplace, and to take a proactive approach to work with entrepreneurs and managers who have the desire, talent and determination to build world-class companies. Texas Ventures brings a very hands-on approach to each of its investments and our team typically works more closely with management than most venture firms. As a result, we usually rank as top industry performers for our partners and investors.

How We're Different

  • We invest for financial return

    We provide investment capital and expertise to assist businesses that are typically underserved by traditional sources of financing.

  • Team

    We understand financial complexity, and have significant experience at all levels of the capital structure.

  • We're experienced

    We have substantial operating experience, as well as familiarity with most situations and stages of a company’s life cycle.

  • We're flexible

    We have the ability to act nimbly to create value for our investors, management and shareholders.